The NHS in England is being dismantled. Only a change to the law can stop the damage. Now more than ever.

The June 2017 election result has given us a boost to keeping pushing for that law. This requires a retabling as soon as possible of the NHS Bill which was presented by Margaret Greenwood MP in the last parliament, and we are delighted that Eleanor Smith, Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West, has now published a full version of her NHS Bill which is going forward with the support of the Labour leadership.

The National Health Service has been one of the UK’s greatest achievements. For nearly 70 years it has provided a cost effective, universal health service, free at the point of need to all people irrespective of their background, circumstance or ability to pay.

Yet over the last 25+ years, this founding vision has been slowly but surely eroded. The final blow was the Health and Social Care Act 2012, forcing a commercialised model on the NHS in England.

We believe that campaigning to reinstate the founding vision is critical.