Press Contact

The Campaign for the NHS Bill is provided by Public Matters, a not for profit company, run by Deborah Harrington and Jessica Ormerod.

They can be reached at

or by phone

Jessica 07771 985335

Deborah 07511 668284

Please contact us for more information on the campaign or to arrange interviews.

Archived press releases available here.


Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill in the News – Press Coverage

4 March 2016 – The Guardian, ‘Why we support the cross-party NHS Bill’

23 February 2016 – Worcester News, Letter – Bill to restore NHS as an accountable service

19 February 2016 -Ilkley Gazette, NHS campaign group takes to the streets of Ilkley

20 March 2015 – GP Online, Dr Jillian Creasy interview: The GP shaping Green health policy

11 March 2015 – The Guardian, Caroline Lucas: The NHS is teetering on the brink of privatisation. We must stand up for it 

11 March 2015 – New Statesman, A new Bill plots the way back for the NHS – but it’s not Labour who are behind it 

6 March 2015 – BBC News, MPs in bid to reverse NHS reforms

21 January 2015 – SNP Press Release,  SNP: MPs will vote to protect Scotland’s NHS

21 January 2015 – Channel 4 News, Nicola Sturgeon interviewed by Cathy Newman – SNP MPs will vote to save NHS England

21 January 2015 – Gloucestershire Echo, Green Party MP candidate Adam Van Coevorden: The Illusion of Choice?

20 January 2015 – Grimsby Telegraph, NHS will get the hard work

10 January 2015 – Wakefield Express, ‘Save NHS from privatisation’

9th January 2015 – The National, Scots ‘must save England’s NHS’

1 December 2014 – The Guardian, How to take back the NHS, before it’s too late – by David Owen